It was a hunch I couldn’t shake off for days, so I decided to follow my instincts. After giving it some thought, I decided to go on an adventure, and I chose Australia. I bought the ticket and started my three-day vacation in one of the most adventurous countries. I have to admit that I was a bit scared of this new experience, but I sure didn’t regret visiting Australia. There are just so many things to see and do there, and I will mention some of the best experiences I gained there.

Paragliding – Long Reef NE

I’ve always been an adrenaline junkie, but since I had been in a different country I decided to test my limits. That is why I decided to try paragliding. And boy it was fun! I found out that the best place for this extreme activity is the Long Reef NE. The area where we took off was grassy, and it was near the crown of the headland. I didn’t know what to expect, because it was a windy day and I must admit I was pretty scared. The landing didn’t help shake off the scary thoughts since the wind got stronger as we were coming closer to the sandy spit. However, everything went fine because I was accompanied by the professional crew, who are the most amazing people I met there. So, I strongly recommend raising your adrenaline levels and forgetting about everything else while up there. It changed me completely, and since then I’m going on paragliding tournaments and have spent hours in the air.

Kata Tjuta


Sea World Australia

I never had the chance to see the real beauty of the sea creatures, but I always wanted to do so. One of the first things I actually did during my three-day stay in Australia was visiting Sea World. I have never seen a place more amusing and wonderful than this one. There I got the chance to see funny polar bears playing in their pools, scary sharks luring for food, cute baby dolphins playing with each other and clumsy penguins jumping in and out of water. Apart from seeing all these cute animals, I got to experience the craziest roller coasters and see amazing attractions performed by the creative and fun crew, and of course get completely wet from splashing waters.

Gettfacebook_1461584532011 (1)ing a Tattoo

In Australia, everything looks better. Every experience has its unique feel and I just couldn’t stop having fun. I met so many people that are wonderful, kind and they showed me all around the town. I even shared my desires and dreams with them, among which was getting my first tattoo. I always wanted to put some ink in my skin, but I never found the right moment and inspiration. But in Australia that wasn’t a problem. After realizing that everyone should chase their dreams, like I did on that trip, I decided to save that memory in a form of a tattoo. My new friends showed me the place where I can get the best tattoo in Sydney and my back now has a cute dream catcher with a red ruby in it.


Lake Hillier

Have you ever seen a Pink lake? Well, I have. Lake Hillier and it’s amazing shade of pink is a mystery to all the scientists, but it sure is breathtaking. When some of my new friends said that there is a pink lake nearby, I thought they were joking. However, once I arrived there, I could see that the Lake Hillier absolutely looks like a huge bubble gum. I took so many amazing photos of this wonder of nature, and I actually started liking the pink color.



SS Ayerfield

I never believed I could be hypnotized by a broken-down wreck, but the SS Ayerfield managed to break me down. This lonely wreck is forever stuck in the Australia’s Homebush Bay, but there is just something about it that makes you think about life. Surrounded by water, it sits there alone in nature, while the warm sunset is covering it in golden shades. This scenery calmed me down after all the adventures I went true, and I finally managed to find my inner peace.

Newnes Glow Worm Tunnel

There was something about tunnels that always intrigued me. I don’t know if it was because of their darkness or the fact that they are going straight through a mountain, but I always wanted to walk through one. And in Australia, even that is possible. The Newnes Glow Worm Tunnel is a long tunnel that, as its name says glows. That glow is due to the bioluminescent larvae that can be found in great numbers all over the tunnel and surrounding caves in Wollemi National Park. I joined the guided tour through the tunnel, and we started our adventure. At the very beginning it was pretty light inside, but as I made our way towards the middle, it got darker and I could see the amazing glow of the larvae. That amazing view seemed dreamy and it will always stay a bright memory of Australia.


Sydney Twilight Heli-Flight

During these fun three days I actually managed to fulfill another one of my dreams – riding a helicopter. My friends decided to surprise me with this ride for my list evening in Australia, and we joined the twilight heli-flight in Sydney. During this 30-minute ride, I manage to see all the true beauties of this amazing country. We flew over the Sydney, which was a breathtaking panoramic view, showered with warm colors of a sun fall. Also, I got to see the Pacific Ocean and the historic sandy beaches, the calm suburbs and famous Bondi Beach. I never felt so safe and relaxed, and I will have the most amazing memories to cherish for the rest of my life.

I must admit that these three days have been a crazy ride. But there are no regrets. I always wanted to experience new things and see all the amazing sea creatures, penguins, koalas and strong kangaroos. I only wish I had more time to additionally explore Australia, but I will leave that for my next trip into this wild but friendly country.